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Sterling Silver Stamped Wrap Ring

  • $ 6800

Please read entire description before ordering

Sterling Silver Wrap Ring

This beautiful ring can be customized with names, dates, symbols, or anything that you'd like! Stamp symbols available are heart, star, awareness ribbon, cross, arrow, feather, dog paw, wave, daisy flower, and lotus flower.

Please be very specific when ordering. I will stamp it exactly as you have it written (ie: all lowercase or first letters uppercase, placement of symbol stamps, etc.)Please check your email after ordering as I may have questions. If I have questions, I will email you within 24 hours. I cannot begin your order without all the details, I want your ring to turn out perfect❤️.
I shape these by hand, so the size may not be exact, but I will get as close as I can. I recommend the hammered finish if you want stamping on the inside of the ring as there will be slight marks on the outside with inside stamping.

Example Orders:

Top:❤️Lily - Bottom:Jax❤️   

Top:(heart)max - Bottom:lola(arrow) - Inside: 12•8•08



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