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Returns & Repairs

RETURNS-There are no returns/refunds on purchased jewelry. Every piece is carefully crafted. No one piece is exactly the same. Because it is hand stamped, there are sometimes slight variations in letter spacing, alignment, and indentations. No piece is perfect, that is what gives hand stamped jewelry such beauty and character and makes it unique. If you are not satisfied with your jewelry, please contact us so that we can come up with a solution. ❤️

REPAIRS-It is the buyers financial responsibility to take care of repairs. Silver Anchor Designs has a $10 minimum charge for repairs and shipping to and from are the buyers responsibility. Return shipping must be paid in advance. Please handle your jewelry with care. We guarantee our chains for 30 days. If a chain breaks you can return it for a new chain. Paying for shipping on returned chain is the buyers responsibility, Silver Anchor Designs will pay for shipping back to you. If it is after 30 days from your ship date you can purchase a new chain. Contact us by phone or email. Most jewelry is held together by rings, if tugged on, they can open up. Silver Anchor Designs is not responsible for this. I will gladly assist you in repairs, but you must contact us first to set up your repair and shipping. Thank you.